This information is posted in the hallway, given to Parents in Parent handbook, on the website and the September newsletter.

Natural Disasters, Evacuate, Earth Quake, Floods

  • Call all parents (cell phones) from your classroom (when reach a safe area). Emergency contacts notebook housed in each classroom and emergency backpack.
  • Classroom teachers bring backpack & water (playground shed) to emergency evacuation site.  Hilyard Community Center  2580 Hilyard St. Eugene, Or. 97405 If not go to Roosevelt Middle School Cafeteria (24th St.)
  • Bring animals G.P. carrying cage (Kerry)  Tortoise (Annie).
  • Call 911 for assistance.
  • Classroom teachers bring attendance books – take attendance.
  • Email parents also of where to pick up children (Kerry or Corey).


  • Practice monthly, quiet
  • Elementary – Go to locked room off Elementary classroom.
  • All bring Emergency contacts
  • Call 911
  • Call Parents if necessary
  • Bring emergency backpack
  • Animals if time.
    • Primary 2 – Locked closet off primary 2 classroom.
    • Primary 1 – 1st hallway bathroom locked
    • Childcare – Upstairs locked office (Kerry & Corey).

Playground evacuation is by the back gate to Hilyard Center. (air horn or bell) or out the front gate to building (to lock down) if threats from back or sides.


  • AM. Lock entrance doors at 9:30 AM. Primary 2 teachers and last teacher in the Multipurpose room
  • Lock doors after recess 1:00 Elementary.
  • Lock front hallway doors 4:30 or when they come in from after care.
  • Only door open is Multipurpose door until closing.


  • Flags to cross parking lot and a Teacher with them in the crosswalk
  • On walks or Field trips children hold rope and walk in pairs – 5 to 1 ratio with adults.
  • Children are never allowed in traffic. Discussions of rules for field trips or walks.
  • Teachers are informed of emergency procedures during the 1st of year meeting and also during the new hire orientation.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan

405.5 Record Keeping

  1. On drill sheet are initials of the person conducting drill. Each staff member is assigned a month to conduct a drill. The sheet is given to each staff at the first year teacher’s meeting.
  2. On fire drill shee ( time & date).
  3. Told to all via daily message pad however, it’s every month on the last Monday.
  4. Staff members are on our daily sign in sheets
  5. Number of persons evacuated – each teacher takes roll and checks once outside and recorded on drill sheet.
  6. We do not simulate special conditions – talk about.
  7. We discuss problems at monthly teacher’s meetings.
  8. We do not have drills if pouring rain – reschedule via message pad in office.
  9. Time required to evacuate is recorded on Fire Drill Sheet.


  1. Emergency exit routes posted in each room
  2. Teachers bring phones, children’s records, first aid kit and the children.
  3. No children need more than normal assistance. We carry them if they are scared/reluctant. Person who pulls alarm checks all room and bathrooms before exiting.
  4. Roll call is done at meeting point on the playground by yellow slide.
  5. Teachers (2) per class are responsible for their class’s medical help. If teacher needs it – the co-teacher helps. We are all trained in CPR and 1st Aid.
  6. Fire alarm sounded. Or Say  “FIRE ALL OUT”.
  7. 911 is called by alarm puller or director or Assistant director.
  8. After Fire Alarm sounded school and cell phones, We are all together and talk.


  1. 911 – fire alarm, director comes in or call by phone to each classroom. Check each room.
  2. Evacuation route has assembly point – all teachers are told the first year meeting and/or at orientation – it’s on our checklist.
  3. Fire Extinguishers are marked on evacuation chart in each room. Fire vehicles come into parking lot off 25th Place.
  4. Floor Plan Chart – Shows all exits, evacuation routes and secondary routes.
  5. No areas of refuge or assisted rescue. Manual fire alarms or use cowbell. Fire extinguishers (no hose stations) (no fire walls).
  6. Kerry Knust, Dennis St. Germain and Apex Systems are responsible for equipment.
  7. There really is no fuel hazard material.

Fire Dept. is responsible for relocating people left and.or evacuating them. We do not go back into a fire.

Smoke alarms are on the premises and in the nap rooms – maintained yearly by Apex Systems or our maintenance person.