1. Make an appointment to observe the school 541-485-0521

2. Fill out and mail application form and enclose $25 application fee Please fill out the form completely.

3. When accepted, request enrollment information packet, Information sheet, immunization sheet. A commitment deposit is required of the first month’s tuition prepaid (Sept. tuition) (Non Refundable).

4. At the end of July, you will receive a Parent Handbook, calendar and tuition agreement.

5. August 1st, pay last month pre-payment for your child’s last month in school. (i.e. like 1st and last month’s rent).

6. Make sure all forms are filled out and returned to the school prior to the first day of school.This includes:

  • – Information sheet
  • – immunization form
  • – Tuition Agreement
  • – childcare needs form

Please request these forms by visiting the school or calling us and we will mail them to you.

7. Pay Materials fee $50

The enrollment agreements are listed below. Please click on the link to download.

To download the Far Horizons Montessori School application, Click on this link.

You can download the Primary Enrollment Agreement by clicking here:

You can download the Elementary Enrollment Agreement by clicking here: