Explore the Arts!!

Ages 3 – 7

June 19- Aug. 31

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Join us for themed camps all summer long, aimed at sparking the curiosity and adventure
of childhood.

Swimming weekly outings and special guests!

CAMP Hours are 9:30AM – 1:00PM
Before and after child care Fun Camp available as needed at $4/hour. Starting at 8am and ending at 4pm.
Child care Fun Camp will follow the same themes and include community outings and activities.

July 9 – 13  CLOSED: due to July 4th and Oregon Country Fair

Week 1

June 19 – June 22


We will focus on sculpture as we learn about famous sculptures from around the world. We will explore various sculpting mediums and create
Three dimensional works of art based on what they learn.

Week 2

June 25 – 29


We will work with paint everyday using different application techniques. At the end of the week we will create a large community painting to be used as a movable mural for the school.


Week 3

July 2 —

July 6

Water Art

We will explore art through water. Watercolor paintings, sensory bottles, and a water balloon painting are just a few of the exciting activities we have planned. We will also have a water day this week with a trip to Amazon pool.

Week 4

July 16 – 20


This week we will study the art of yoga and learn about it rich history and tradition. Special guests During this week will guide us through different
styles of yoga as we practice daily. This week will also include a trip to Amazon Pool.

Week 5

July 23 – 27

Nature Art

We will explore the art and beauty of nature through Adventures in our own school garden and nature walks with a special guest. We will also create works of art from nature as well as some lovely garden art. This week will include an outing and a picnic at Amazon Park.

Week 6

July 30 –Aug. 3


This week is all about the art of cooking with guests. We will be creating tasty concoctions in the kitchen everyday using fresh produce grown in our own garden. This week includes an outing and picnic to Amazon Park.

Week 7 Aug. 6 – 10


The art of music will be explored by both listening and playing it. We will explore different musicians and musical Instruments. A special guest musician will lead the children In a musical group where they learn about
the various properties of music through instrument and song.

Week 8 August 13 – 17


This week we’ll explore the art of dance. Both Instructors have their own expertise in dance and movement. They will lead the children through dance
and movement activities as well as choreograph a special Performance to be held on Friday afternoon.

Week 9 August 20 – 24


We will explore the art of performance this week as we Study acting. We will conduct short plays and practice improv. A special guest will lead the children in improv games. This week will include a trip to a local park.

Week 10 August 28 – Sept. 1

Fun Week!

This week we will play outdoor games, create fun art Projects, and go to Amazon pool. This week will also Include an outing and a picnic lunch at Amazon Park.

July 9 – 13  CLOSED: due to July 4th and Oregon Country Fair