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May 26-29

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Moving with Tape

This week here is an activity to get your student(s) moving. All you will need is a floor, tape (I like masking tape), and a balloon (optional).

Evenly place 5-10 strips of tape on the floor. Now what can your child do with these lines? Your child can practice their ability to jump from line to line. Get creative with it. How far can they jump? Can they stretch to the second line? Can they hop line to line on one foot? Can they walk on the lines backwards? Can they hop backwards? For more of a challenge, you can even blow up a balloon and have them put it between their knees.

Other things tape on the ground can be used for: hopscotch, a zig zag line to walk, a maze for themselves to walk or a smaller version for their toys to use!


Homemade oobleck

*The consistency is tricky and may take a little adjusting, it should definitely feel like a liquid when slowly inserting an object/hand, but a somewhat thicker liquid.
Thicker than water but not by too much.

  • Water
  • Cornstarch
  • A container (size depends on what you would like to do with the oobleck, I recommend a somewhat shallow bowl)

First measure out your cornstarch. You will need a ratio of 1.5-2 parts cornstarch to every 1 part of water.
(Example: 1 cup of water to every 1.5-2 cups of cornstarch)
Once you have measured out your cornstarch, add your lukewarm water.
Mix well!
Once it’s all mixed (which will get difficult the more you mix it) it’s time to experiment!
Oobleck is a non-Newtonion fluid meaning it has both liquid and solid properties.
It’s ready to try out!

  • Try tapping it quickly with a spoon or spatula, what is happening?
  • Now try slowly dipping the spoon into your oobleck, is there a difference from when you were moving faster?
  • Do you think oobleck is more solid or more liquid?
  • You can use your hands too! What happens when you pick it up and squeeze really hard? What happens if you relax your hands and let it fall off your fingers?


Celery Print Roses

This is an art project, using the bottom of a celery stalk that will create beautiful rose prints. A bunch of celery, cut across the middle and kept together in its natural form, makes a naturally stunning rose shape, with the stems creating overlapping layers .The celery stalk stamp can be used over and over again with different colors of paint, to create a beautiful bouquet of roses!


A stalk (bunch) of celery
A blank piece of paper or canvas
A paper plate, bowl, wide mouth or other surface to pour paint
A knife
a rubber band
A paintbrush
various colors of paint
water in a jar to rinse paintbrush if needed
A towel to wipe up any spills


Start by helping your child cut off the bottom of a bunch of celery. Rubber band the stalk, to keep its form together
Put a blob of paint on the paper plate or other paint container and let your child dip the celery stamp into the paint (not too much or it will clog)
Press the celery rose stamp onto the blank sheet of paper or canvasRepeat this process with this color until you have all the roses of this color that you want.Rinse the celery stamp, and cut it down again, cutting off all of the color.  This will create a fresh stamp for your next color
Continue until you have all of the colorful roses that you want.Using the paintbrush, add stems to you roses.

Extension: Have your child dictate to you words about why they like roses, and write it on their paper when dry!  


Math Moves

Brittany here, with heaps of cheer and a math game made for you! 

We’ll add up some numbers, and maybe discover some fun new ways to move.


2 dice or home-made number cards (2 sets of 1-6). You can draw dots, just like you’d see on the dice...or maybe make them hearts or happy faces or suns or something fun. Dots are nice too. 

Your body

Perhaps a reading assistant and/or a buddy or two to join you. 


Roll the dice or pick two cards, at random.

Add the 2 numbers together, finding the sum.

Complete the action for that number.

Continue playing until you


If your numbers’ sum is 2, count to 22, jumping like a kangaroo! 

If your numbers’ sum is 3, stand tall like a tree, sway in the breeze.

If your numbers’ sum is 4, row your boat with an imaginary oar.

If your numbers’ sum is 5, buzz and fly, like bees from their hive.

If your numbers’ sum is 6, show off your silly walk, filled with kicks, twists and tricks. 

If your numbers’ sum is 7, ask someone if they’ve seen Kevin. 

If your numbers’ sum is 8, stand with one foot high and straight. Now, count, “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8!”

If your numbers’ sum is 9, heal to toe, nice and slow, walk your straightest line.

If your numbers’ sum is 10 can you walk straight after 10 swirly spins?

If your numbers’ sum is 11, walk and count backwards, starting at 7.

If your numbers’ sum is 12, walk like your stuck in the ooiest gooey gel. 

Playing Suggestions:

Play until you’ve completed all 11 actions, re-rolling on repeat numbers.

With paper and pencil, add up your sums, play until your grand total reaches 100.

Simply roll11 times or more.

Whoever giggles the most, wins.