Our summer camp program provides students with an opportunity for continuity in the Montessori method of teaching while allowing some freedom from academic learning. We follow the basic principles of Montessori while presenting organized activities, project learning, and free play.

Each summer we focus on creating an enriching and exciting experience for our students. Most of our summer camp teachers are also employed throughout the school year. This gives a sense of stability and trust to our students.

We focus on extending our outside time and getting children into nature by utilizing our large playground and easy access to the path to Amazon Park. Our elementary aged students may also take field trips to museums and other places in town using city bus or teacher cars for transportation.

We welcome families from the outside community as well as enrolled students, infusing our summers with many opportunities to make new friends and build upon existing friendships.

For more information about this years camps, please contact us.

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We are so grateful to have found Far Horizons! Our son's place where he can feel at home away from home.

Lorie Ann — Far Horizons Parent