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April 20-24

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Dear primary families, it has been a joy to see some of you on our Monday and Wednesday zoom calls and we look forward to seeing more of you if you can make it.

This week we will start doing Sound of the Week sharing on Mondays. Below you can find a schedule so you can help your child prepare. On Wednesday’s I will lead a group with songs and a lesson so we will no longer be sharing on those days. Of course, questions or comments are always welcome. I’ll teach the kids how they can raise their hand and I’ll call on them.

As your child begins to recognize their letter symbols and the sounds associated with them, you can introduce a new letter one or two at a time.

Sound of the Week sharing schedule:
4/20 m
4/27 t
5/4 s
5/11 r
5/18 a
5/25 f
6/1 b
6/8 n


Nature Art Mandala

Find leaves, flowers, rocks and other natural items in your back yard or on a walk.
Show your child how to create a circle with the items and show how mandalas are made of patterns.
Show an example of how to make items symmetric. Prepare your child that nature art comes and goes and will not last forever, but the beauty it creates is a real gift to all that gets to see it. Below is a picture of the mandalas that I created with my children. This  sparked a light with each of my children and we took it a step further and started researching mandalas of all kinds.


Toilet Paper Roll Planters


Tp roll cardboard center
Seeds/ dried beans

Activity: Take the cardboard from a toilet paper roll that has been used and cut three slits at the bottom. Fold them towards the middle, over lapping them to create the bottom of the “pot.” Set them in a plastic container to catch water.
Set up a potting station by putting dirt in a bowl and have your child use a spoon to fill the pots with dirt. Using their finger, poke a hole in the dirt and plant two seeds in each.
Water every day with a spray bottle or small pitcher.
If you don’t have any seeds or don’t plan on gardening, use some dried beans.


Recycle Sorting




Recycled materials

Activity: Make Labels: paper/card board, plastic, compost, aluminum, glass.
Have your child find these things around the house and sort them.
This would be a great time to teach them how to take out the recycling and show how your system at home works. Perhaps this could be a new chore for them!

Extension: create a cardboard castle or house or ??? using recycled materials and tape

Earth Day Coloring Page

Celebrate Earth Day with this coloring page, shared with us by Beatrix in Lower Elementary


Life cycle of a seed book
Colored pencils
Print the paper and have your child color and cut out the pages. Put the pages in order of the life cycle and create a booklet with an illustrated cover.


Spring tracing

Printed tracing pages
Colored pencils
Show your child how to properly trace the letter and color the picture.
Remember to use the sound the letter makes.
These should only be used with children who can hold a pencil and have begun to write.

For children who are not yet writing, there are so many different things that we offer in the classroom that help build strength in their hands to properly hold a pencil.  These are some things I’ve been doing at home with my pre writer:
Tracing in the sand box, using markers to draw, using shape stencils,using a big piece of chalk on a chalk board. I always show him to start at the top of what we are drawing or "writing” and which direction to go.