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April 27th-1st

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Teachers tip of the week: As we add new lessons each week, keep in mind the lessons from previous weeks and continue to make those available to your child until your child has mastered the skill or loses interest. Creating a Montessori style shelf will help your child to choose work independently and use the activities repeatedly to develop the skill.


Flower Arranging



3 vases or glass jars

small pitcher or mason jar



Extension: You can make labels for the flowers and place them in front of the vase. If your child is beginning to write you could help them by writing in yellow and having them trace over the letters with a pencil or thin marker.


Flower Petal Perfume


fragrant flowers

mortar and pestle/bowl and stick


mesh sieve 

ornate bottle

You may or may not have all of these things at home but it was too cute of an activity and I know that the children will love this "work". Get creative and improvise with what you do have at home to make this activity.


Parts of a Flower Booklet


Red, green , and yellow colored pencils

Printed Flower Booklet page

(I will be giving a lesson on this during our zoom meeting using the flower puzzle.)

Precut the page for your child. You will need five flower pages. The parts of the flower are; flower, sepal, petals, pistil, stamen. Your child will color one part of the flower on each page and label it on the bottom. You may need to help them by writing in yellow or labeling it for them, and guiding them on only coloring in that part of the flower. Keep pages loose to use with the flower dissecting lesson on Thursday. A booklet can be made after by stapling the pages together.


Flower Dissecting




Completed parts of the flower pages from Wednesday lesson

Lay out the parts of a flower pages. Dissect your flower with tweezers or fingers and lay the different parts under the corresponding part of the flower page. Dissect different flowers and compare the differences and similarities.


Tissue Paper Tulip


Printed tulip pattern

Green tissue paper (or other colored paper)

Pink tissue paper(or any color of your choice)


School glue

Activity: Start by printing off the tulip pattern on white cardstock paper. Have your child cut it out.

Cut your green and pink tissue paper into squares.

Put school glue onto the stem and leaf of your tulip flower and add crinkled up green tissue paper to it.

Add school glue all over the tulip flower and cover it with your pink tissue paper squares (or color of your choice). Let the glue dry completely.