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March 30-3

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Hello Families! Happy Spring! Here is a list of activities that you can do at home this week. Please email with any questions.


Nature Walk

In celebration of the spring equinox, families can go on a nature walk to look for signs of spring and try to find these following items:

1 daffodil

1 crocus

1 magnolia flower

1 birds nest

1 blossom tree

After your walk have your child come home and use markers to draw a picture of what they saw on their spring walk. Stay 6 feet away from those outside of your family on your walk!


Egg Peeling and Slicing


Hard Boiled Eggs


Serving plates

Knife or egg slicer


Tap the egg on a hard surface to crack the egg shell. Peel the eggs shell into a bowl.

Using a small knife, a plastic knife, or a butter knife (you can decide which type of knife to use, most children can use a small sharp knife with instruction on which side is sharp and how to hold and use a knife safely, with supervision) or an egg slicer, and slice the egg. Place the egg slices on serving plates. Offer some to your family by saying "Would you like a slice of egg?" and model polite responses, "Yes, please." or "No, thank you."

Discard the egg peel, rinse the bowl and the serving plates and put them in the dishwasher. Or, wash them in the sink. 


Popcorn Balls

Make popcorn balls! Here is a link to one recipe, there are many available online:


Have your child sing "Popcorn Popping On the Apricot Tree." This is a song they have been singing in the classroom. Here is a link to the song:


Care of the Environment

Have your child help with household chores. Some ideas this week are:

Make their bed

Empty the Dishwasher

Vacuum the floor


Clothespin Counting


10 (or 55) clothespins (or other clips)

10 Paper circles with the numerals 1-10 on them (one number per circle)

two bowls


Give your child a bowl of clothespins and a bowl of numbered circles. 

Have them clip one clothespin on the circle with the numeral 1, two on the circle with the numeral 2, and so on. 

Teacher Notes: If you have 55 clothespins, they will be able to place the correct quantity with each numeral and have zero left over. This prepared work can be self correcting in this way. If you have 45 clothespins, do a 1-9 work. If you only have 9 or 10, have them do the correct quantity with each circle one-by-one, replacing them in the bowl for use on the next numbered circle.