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EL One

March 30-3

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Hello Families! Happy Spring! Here is a list of activities that you can do at home this week. Please email with any questions.


ABC Beginning Sounds

Write (or say) a word that that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Example: A: apple B: boy  Look around your house and yard for ideas. Search books and magazines. 

Extension: Try finding words that end with every letter of the alphabet.


Story Problems

Go to the kitchen and find a food item. Pretend that you are going to eat some of the food. Create a math story problem using the food items. ex. "There are 12 crackers. Lynn ate 7. How many are left?" Write the story problem and draw a picture to illustrate it.

Extension: Try to create a story problem with two different food items.


Nature Acrostics

Go on a nature walk or into your backyard. Tell someone what you see, hear, think, feel, and smell. Pick one thing that you see and write an acrostic poem about it. ex. LEAF=Lovely, Emerging, Above, Fragile

Extension: Write a poem using sentences where every line begins with the next letter of the nature word chosen.


Create three rhyming word families (i.e. Cat, hat, bat, man, ran, can), Challenge yourself to find the most words possible in each family. Say them or write them down.

Extension: Pick one family of words and draw pictures of them. Label the pictures. 


Hello, Far Horizons Families! Brittany here with an adaptation of a classroom favorite: "The Flag Work" that can be done at home, over and over again.    


·  A map of The World or The United States (physical or digital)

·  Internet or book with information about country or state flags

·  Pencil

·  Paper

·  Colored pencils


Print out or show your kiddo a map of the world and have them point to a spot, any spot. Then, help them find the name of the place they chose and an image of that country's flag. Unless they are at a level where they can do their own research, assist them in exploring the significance of the flag to its country and how it came be. If they have questions, show them how to find the answers.

With the colored pencils, a piece of paper and a pencil for writing, your child(ren) will have everything they need to draw the flag, then write country's name.

I hope you are all enjoying your time together and finding more and more ways to stay healthy and well. 

All my best, Brittany

Extension: Have them write facts about the country and the flag.