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March 30

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Hello Families! Happy Spring! Here is a list of activities that you can do at home this week. Please email with any questions.


Write a letter to your teacher or another adult about what you did during the weekend. Use words like first, next, then, last, and finally. Use the following format:

Your full address

Date of the letter

Name of the person to whom you are writing
Their full postal address

Dear [Name of recipient],

The text of the letter

Yours sincerely,

[Sign in this space]
[Your full name]

Extension: Address an envelope and mail the letter. 


Finding Averages


On average, how many times a day do you wash your hands?

On average? What's that? How do I find that answer? Well, first, you will need to create a chart to log the number of times you wash your hands, each day. Do this for the next three days. On Friday, you will need to do some addition and division to calculate your average. 



Warm water





Markers/colored pencils/crayons (optional)


1.      Create your Hand Washing Chart.

2.      Wash your hands often (for example, before and after eating, when you come inside from being outside, after coughing or sneezing or using the restroom, etc.).

3.      Gather your data. Each time you wash your hands, draw an "X" on your chart.

4.      Calculate your average. To find the per-day average, add together the total number of times you washed your hands for three days and divide that number by the number of days you collected your data. For example, if I washed my hands 99 times over the course of 3 days, I would divide 99 by 3 and my answer would be that I washed my hands 9 times a day, on average.              99 รท 3 = 33

Extension: In your home, who washed their hands the most, on average? Add the name of each member of your household to your Hand Washing Chart and have them record their data. Then, calculate their average along with yours.


Research Project Week 1

Brainstorm on topics that interest you. For five minutes, write down everything that comes to mind, from dogs to pizza to gerbils, and more. Once you have a long list, narrow it down one by one until you have picked your favorite. 

Your favorite topic will now become your brainstorming subject. Write a list of every little question you have about this subject. Write down everything you know about this subject. Save this list for the next step.


Sandwich Roll Ups
Rolling pin
Toppings such as nut butter, Honey, jelly, Lunch meat, etc

Use a rolling pin and roll the bread out to make it thin. Top with toppings, roll into a cylinder shape, cut in half to share or enjoy yourself.

Clean up: using soap and water wash, dry and put away materials used.


Boat Challenge





large/medium-sized container


Make a boat out of tinfoil.

Fill your container with water and place your boat on top of the water.

Make a hypothesis: How many pennies will it take to sink your boat?

One at a time put a penny inside your boat. Continue putting pennies in the boat until it sinks. 

Ask questions:

How many pennies did your boat hold? What about your design helped hold so many pennies? What about your design made your boat sink?

Extension: Rebuild your boat with a new feature (more foil, bigger sides, longer, etc) and do the experiment again!