Weekly Activities


May 4-8

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Calendar Tracing


Blank calendar
Yellow marker
Pencil or thin marker

Write in yellow the name and the dates of the month on the blank calendar. Show your child how they can trace over them with a pencil or thin marker. Most children can remember the Days of the Week song, you show them where Sunday is on the calendar and sing the names through the week. Observe the amount of days in this month compared to others, observe the name of the month. 
“We call this month May. It has 31 days.”

“This month your birthday is on the first Monday, the 4th.”

"There are four Tuesdays in this month. How many Fridays are there?"


Make a nature journal


Brown paper bag lunch size/construction paper/thin cardboard
white paper
Stapler or other fastener
Take your child outside and show them to quiet themselves and look at the world around them. Model observation.
Prompt them to draw what they see.


1 to 10 book


stamps with ink pad or 55 stickers or marker to draw dots/shapes
Activity: cut the paper into thirds. you will need 10 pages. On each page your child will write the numeral on the left side, and then stamp or sticker the quantity. After all the pages have been completed you staple them together to make a book!

Thursday and Friday

Bee life cycle

Printed Bee Life Cycle Papers
Colored pencils


Honey Bee 3-Part Cards

Cut out the 3-part cards and have fun mixing and matching them up!

Honey Bee Life Cycle Book

Color and label a different part of the life cycle on each page. Staple them together in a book once they are complete and put in order. 

Honey Bee Life Cycle Poster

Cut out and glue the honey bee life cycle images to the poster in order.