Weekly Activities

El Two

May 11th-14th

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*Read a book for 30 minutes

*Visit Khan Academy and do the assigned activities for 30 minutes.


Reading Aloud

Read aloud to your parent for 10-20 minutes. Practice using an animated voice!

Handwriting Practice

Do 3 pages in your handwriting book.

Life Journal

Write in your Life Journal, or use paper or another notebook. Write at least 3 paragraphs about what your life has been like lately, or write about your dreams for the future. 

Remembering objects

To develop concentration, attention to detail and memory while remembering objects.
A tray containing a number objects (comb,brush, spoon, stick, crayon etc.) A timer if you have one. A piece of paper and a pencil.
Present the tray, place all of the objects from the tray on a rug or table, except the timer. Give them the piece of paper and pencil. Time them for one minute observing the objects. After one minute ask them to close their eyes. Remove an object. Ask them to open their eyes and study the objects again, then write down the missing object. Put the object back and repeat process until all of the object have been identified.

Extension: Remove more than one object, remove all objects except one. 


Spelling Book

Do your list and complete your pages in your Spelling Book.


Practice typing for 20 minutes. 

To access your typing practice, go to typing.com and choose "student log-in" in the upper right. Your username is your name+fhms, for example mine would be lynnfhms. Your password is "hello"

Making Eggshell People

To practice creativity, motor skills, patience and caring for another living thing.

Glue, scissors, bowl of potting soil, a small scoop or spoon,dish of grass seed (or other seed), pipe cleaner, black and colored permanent markers, clean and dried half eggshells, pitcher of water and an eye dropper if available.

Place your materials on a work table. Using your scissors cut pipe cleaner to four inches. Bend the pipe cleaner into a circle, this will be the base of your egg person. Glue the top of the pipe cleaner and set the eggshell on top of the pipe cleaner. Once the glue is set and the egg is securely attached draw a face on the eggshell. Fill the eggshell a little more than half full. Sprinkle some grass seed onto the soil and add soil to cover the seeds. Use the eye dropper to water the eggshell until moist. Place the eggshell in a sunny place. The grass will sprout and grow into hair for the egg person.  


Spelling Choice

Do your spelling "choice" work. 

Practice using your spelling word list in some way. You may decide to draw pictures of each word and label them, you could write sentences using the word, you could create a word search (check out this online word search maker http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/WordSearchSetupForm.asp) and then complete it, you could write each word three times, or??? use your own idea.

Number of the Week

This week's number is 19.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Write the numeral

2. Draw the quantity

3. Plot the number on a number line

4. Find the factors of the number. (Remember that you can use any item around the house that you have a handful of to find the factors, like pennies or driveway rocks...etc)

Dream Journals

Materials: paper, markers or crayons or colored pencils, stapler or other fastener (yarn,etc)

This week we will create our very own Dream Journals. Dream Journals are a place where your child can describe a dream they had the night before, a day dream, or even a story they would like to tell if they cannot remember their dreams. Staple a cover page your child has designed to about 5-15 pieces of paper. The amount of paper depends on how many entry's you want. You can also bind these pages in different ways too, such as, yarn, tape, glue, or paper fasteners. I like to label the booklets as "So-and-so's Dream Journal 2020". How to use the Dream Journals: Let your child draw their dream on the piece of paper. When they have finished asked them about their creation and write down what they say about it. The more accurate you are the more enjoyable the memories will be when they are older. You and your child can decided when and how often you create an entry. You can have a set time to fill a page daily or weekly or you can choose to fill the whole book in one day. We would to see what your child and you create!


Spelling Test

Ask a family member to give you your spelling test! If you get less than 5 words incorrect, write each misspelled word correctly five times for extra practice. If you get 5 or more words incorrect, start your next week with a new list consisting of the misspelled words. 

Care of the Environment

Find a chore that you can do to help around the house. Some ideas are: cleaning the bathtub, folding laundry, sweeping the porch, repotting a plant? Look around the house for a need and meet that need with a smile. If you need help with ideas, ask your parent/guardian. 


Handwriting Practice

Do 3 pages in your handwriting book.

Fizzy Eggshell Rainbow

*this experiment will be messy so make sure to lay newspaper or a place mat on the table before beginning. I did my test experiment in my kitchen sink.

  • Small containers (highly recommend something that holds about 2 oz otherwise you will be using a lot of baking soda) 
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring

Fill each container 3/4 of the way full with baking soda, one container for each color you would like to do.
Add your food coloring to the containers!
Mix each color into the baking soda until it is evenly distributed.
You’re all set! All that’s left is to pour in some vinegar and see what happens!
Research questions:
Before starting the experiment, what do you think will happen? Any hypotheses?
What surprised you the most? (Smell, sound, sight, texture)
Why do you think these two things had this kind of reaction?
Do you think the same thing would happen if you used something other than vinegar?
*try substituting the vinegar for lemon juice for a comparison