Weekly Activities

El Two

May 26th-29th

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*Read a book for 30 minutes

*Visit Khan Academy and do the assigned activities for 30 minutes.


Reading Aloud

Read aloud to your parent for 10-20 minutes. Practice using an animated voice!

Handwriting Practice

Do 3 pages in your handwriting book.

Life Journal

Write in your Life Journal, or use paper or another notebook. Write at least 3 paragraphs about what your life has been like lately, or write about your dreams for the future. 

Alternate Endings

Choose any book, TV show or movie. Write a 1 paragraph summary of the story. Then write and illustrate an alternate ending.  


Spelling Book

Do your list and complete your pages in your Spelling Book.


Practice typing for 20 minutes. 

To access your typing practice, go to typing.com and choose "student log-in" in the upper right. Your username is your name+fhms, for example mine would be lynnfhms. Your password is "hello"

Math Moves

Brittany here, with heaps of cheer and a math game made for you! 

We’ll add up some numbers, and maybe discover some fun new ways to move.


2 dice or home-made number cards (2 sets of 1-6). You can draw dots, just like you’d see on the dice...or maybe make them hearts or happy faces or suns or something fun. Dots are nice too. 

Your body

Perhaps a reading assistant and/or a buddy or two to join you. 


Roll the dice or pick two cards, at random.

Multiply the 2 numbers together, finding the product.

Complete the action for that number.


If your number is 1-5, count to 22, jumping like a kangaroo! 

If your number is 6-10, stand tall like a tree, sway in the breeze.

If your number is 11-15, row your boat with an imaginary oar.

If your number is 16-20, buzz and fly, like bees from their hive.

If your numbers is 21-25, show off your silly walk, filled with kicks, twists and tricks. 

If your numbers is 26-30, ask someone if they’ve seen Kevin. 

If your numbers is 31-35, stand with one foot high and straight. Now, count, “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8!”

If your number is 36-40, heal to toe, nice and slow, walk your straightest line.

Playing Suggestions:

Play until you’ve completed all 11 actions, re-rolling on repeat numbers.

With paper and pencil, add up your products, play until your grand total reaches 300.

Simply roll 11 times or more.

Whoever giggles the most, wins. 


Spelling Choice

Do your spelling "choice" work. 

Practice using your spelling word list in some way. You may decide to draw pictures of each word and label them, you could write sentences using the word, you could create a word search (check out this online word search maker http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/WordSearchSetupForm.asp) and then complete it, you could write each word three times, or??? use your own idea.

Number of the Week

This week's number is 42.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Write the numeral

2. Draw the quantity

3. Plot the number on a number line

4. Find the factors of the number. (Remember that you can use any item around the house that you have a handful of to find the factors, like pennies or driveway rocks...etc)

See The Silver Linings 

“During this time at home, I am enjoying more…”

I have been feeling very grateful for all of the things that having this much time home has allowed more space for. Let’s join together in practicing appreciation paired with artful creation. 



Writing paper

Blank paper

Tempera or acrylic paint (*alternative in Instructions, #2)

Different sized cups, bowls, jars, bottles, mugs etc.) that would leave a ring stamp on your paper, using only items that you have permission to dip in paint

Markers or colored pencils


  1. With paper and pencil in hand, and perhaps a spelling/writing assistant, take some time to reflect on the recent months. What has shifted in your life in a way that you are happy about? What do you have more time to enjoy and explore? Make a list as long as you’d like by finishing the sentence “during this time at home, I am enjoying more...” 
  2. Poor paint on a plate and dip one item at a time into the paint and stamp it onto your paper. How many things did you list above? Make that many circles on your paper, where ever you’d like. *If you don’t have these kinds of paint, you may also trace any circular item with water color, marker, crayon, colored pencil, you name it. 
  3. After the paint has dried, write in or around each circle, something from your list until each circle is paired with something you are appreciating about this time of pause. Trace with color. I’ll be honest, I went back and added more circles...that is more than okay. 
  4. Hang this in a place where you will see it often and remember to always see the silver linings. 


Spelling Test

Ask a family member to give you your spelling test! If you get less than 5 words incorrect, write each misspelled word correctly five times for extra practice. If you get 5 or more words incorrect, start your next week with a new list consisting of the misspelled words. 

Care of the Environment

Find a chore that you can do to help around the house. Some ideas are: cleaning the bathtub, folding laundry, sweeping the porch, repotting a plant? Look around the house for a need and meet that need with a smile. If you need help with ideas, ask your parent/guardian. 

Handwriting Practice

Do 3 pages in your handwriting book.

Making a rain cloud in a jar

Glass jar
Ice cubes

Heat water until steaming. Pour into the jar about 1/3 full. Put a plate on top of the jar. Wait for a minute or two. Put ice cubes on top of the plate and watch closely to see what happens inside the jar. Streaks of water will run down the sides of the jar, making rain.